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The 'Mobile' option has gone from the navigation bar, as I decided there is no need for it on desktop operating systems (it was taking up too much space). The mobile layout is now set by default if your browser identifies as Android, and I shall consider extending that to the iPhone and others at some point.
The manual option is not gone forever, though, I just need to decide where on the page it does belong!


In the navigation bar at the top of this page, you should be able to see a new option saying 'Mobile'. This makes the site use a slightly different stylesheet, specially designed for viewing on small screens.
The page most affected by this is the Gallery page, which no longer becomes miles wide in mobile browsers!


Apparently I forgot to mention my new RSS feeds! and are now active, ready to notify you of the latest content :D
I have also implemented some fancy new album thumbnails using automated scripts; maybe I'll post a couple of tutorials about it... Anyway, you can find those at the Gallery Page.


More updates! Both the menus and news systems are now handled in php, which will make updates a lot easier in future.
The new news system allows quite a bit in terms of flexibility of displaying the posts, so I can have both the 'Latest News' and 'Archive' pages generated automatically.


Despite the volume of work I now have at university, I have finally managed to make some progress on the Gallery page.
There is just one album up so far, and the navigation system needs some improvement, but it is a start at least!

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